Crossville, the picturesque city tucked away in the Appalachian hills of Tennessee, is home to a vibrant array of museums that provide a unique insight into the region’s past and present. From the intriguing history of the Cherokee Indians’ influence on the area to the fascinating natural history of the many species of flora and fauna that thrive here, the museums in Crossville offer an incredible range of experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Here are some exciting and informative must-see museums that will make your trip to Crossville unforgettable. Learn more here.

The Museum of the Natives

The Museum of the Natives, located on the east side of Main Street, is dedicated to the history of the Cherokee Native Americans who lived in the area before the arrival of white settlers. The exhibits cover the tribes’ history, culture, food, and language, as well as their spiritual beliefs and customs. There are also interactive experiences and special events throughout the year where visitors can learn more about the Cherokee people. Learn more about Everything You Need to Know about Amusement Parks in Crossville, TN.

The Cumberland County Museum

The Cumberland County Museum is located in the heart of downtown. It offers an exhaustive collection of artifacts and exhibits that paint a vivid picture of life in Crossville during the turn of the 20th century. From Native American relics to historical tools and documents, visitors can explore the incredible diversity of the area’s past. The museum also houses a research center where visitors can learn more about the area’s cultural and natural history.