Are you searching for a unique and enlightening experience? Crossville, Tennessee, is the perfect destination. The quaint city, located in the southeastern part of the state and the Cumberland Plateau region, is home to many fascinating museums. From galleries packed with local and regional art to historical sites that explore the area’s culture, history, and military history, to science, educational and interactive experiences, Crossville is brimming with things to see and do. Crossville is a great place to explore and enjoy the riches of its cultural institutions, whether you’re just visiting for the day or making a more extended getaway. Information can be found here.

The Cumberland County Museum and Gallery is the premier cultural institution in Crossville. Located in a former post office, the museum includes four galleries, each dedicated to a different subject. The military gallery features artifacts from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, while other exhibits explore the area’s natural history and industry. Among the most popular highlights are a period bedroom, WWII-era Air Force artifacts, and a replica of an American Bald Eagle. Discover facts about Exploring the Incredible Experiences at Crossville’s Alluring Museums.

The Bicentennial Museum, located in downtown Crossville, centers on the 200th-anniversary celebration of the United States. Artifacts, documents, and memorabilia from the era are on display, including a replica White House and a full-scale replica of the Liberty Bell. The museum also includes a theater and interactive displays that bring history and culture to life.